Transfer (transfer between accounts)

1: Click "Transfer"> "Transfer" on the left menu.

2: Select the transfer source (source of transfer between accounts) account.

3: Select the currency to transfer (transfer between accounts), and enter the amount in the space on the right with half-width numbers.

4: Select the transfer destination (destination between accounts) account.

5: Select the currency of the transfer destination (transfer between accounts) account.

6: Click the "Send" button.

7: A transfer (transfer between accounts) application email will be sent to the registered email address.

8: When the transfer (transfer between accounts) is completed, a transfer (transfer between accounts) email will be sent to your email address.

9: Click "My Account" on the left menu to confirm the transfer (transfer between accounts).

10: Make sure you have received money from "Balance" or "Statement".

11: The operation will start from the day after the deposit into the investment account.

* Notes

  • Be sure to agree to LPOA. If the payment is completed but the consent is not completed, the operation will not start.
  • For deposits in non-operating currencies, the amount converted at the rate of the deposit date will be reflected in the account.
  • Transfer (transfer between accounts) fee is free.