Upload identification data

1: Log in to My Page.

2: Click "Mypage"> "Profile" in the left menu.

3: Upload each identity verification document. After selecting each of the following files, click "Update".

  • Parsonal ID (Identity Document): Individual certificate
    • Driver's license or driving history certificate
    • Passport
    • Basic Resident Register card with photo
    • Residence card
    • Special permanent resident certificate
    • Personal Number (My Number) Card

      * Examples that cannot be accepted as personal certificates

      • Limited to documents issued by government agencies that can confirm the same name, date of birth, and address as those registered.
      • Expired ID cards cannot be used as identity verification materials.
      • (My Number) Notification Cards cannot be used as identity verification documents.
  • ID Selfy: Identity verification photo
    • Please upload a photograph of yourself while holding the document submitted with Parsonal ID in your right hand.

      * Examples that cannot be accepted as personal certificates

      • Documents, the person, and his / her arm protrude from the image.
      • Documents are out of focus and blurry.
      • When the face of the person does not fit in the image.
  • Proof of address: Current address confirmation material
    • Utility bill / receipt
    • Social insurance receipts
    • National tax, local tax receipt or tax payment certificate
    • Various health insurance cards
    • Usage statements and invoices of various banks and credit card companies
    • Copy of resident's card
    • Seal registration certificate

      * Examples that cannot be accepted as personal certificates

      • to the address with the current address.
      • The name must be the same as the applicant.
      • The date of issue within six months must be printed at the time of submission.
      • Limited to the publisher that is printed.

4: When the document confirmation is completed, an e-mail (subject: Profile updated.) Will be sent to the registered e-mail address. We will also email you if you need to resubmit.

5: Click “Mypage”> “Profile” in the left menu and check “Verification Documents”.

6: If all four statuses are "Approved", the identity has been approved.

* Explanation of status
In process After the first login, all are in this status.
Not submitted The document has not been submitted.
Reject Documents must be resubmitted.
Checking Documents are under review.
Approved Approved.