ID Selfy

Verify Your Identity on IYL Trading : The Document Requirement

The team strictly adheres to the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds in conducting a thorough and meticulous identity verification process to protect and ensure users funds are safe and secure on bitwallet. All users are required to submit a total of three documents: Photo Identification (driving license, passport, etc.), ID Selfie and Proof of Current Address.


ID Selfy

ID Selfie is an online identity verification process that has been has been adopted by various Western countries recently. For ID Selfie picture taking, the user is required to write the authentication code showed on the device, as well as the present date on a paper. Then, proceed to take a picture while holding the paper and the identity document in front of the camera.

- Kindly follow the step showed on your device one at a time. This enables a similar process to a face to face verification.

Before you start

  • Prepare a pen, a blank paper and your identity document.
  • Ensure there is ample space to write the required details.


Kindly read the following to prevent any upload of incomplete document.

  • The document used for ID Selfie is identical to the one you have uploaded separately.
  • Always provide both your identity document and ID Selfie for each ID Authentication process.
  • The authenticaion code showed on your device are randomised and changes every time you restart a ID Selfie picture taking.
  • Ensure you have written the authenticaion code and date in the format as shown on your device.


- Please note that you have to provide your identity document for picture taking.
- Kindly provide a scanned copy or photographed document in electronic file format such as .GIF, .JPG, .TIF, .PDF, etc.